This is a blog posted in both, English and German. I aim to provide more in-depth knowledge about events in the Middle East, Central Asia and the North Caucasus. Despite this some events might go beyond those regions and thus I think it is important to leave border-thinking behind and analyse them in the light of a globalized world. It is not correct to e.g. study Salafism solely in the Middle East, but also take a look at Salafi movements e.g. in Central Asia or South East Asia. One event in a country is mostly influenced by the country’s regional or global setting. Only studying such an event in the light of developments in this particular country is not enough.

The porpuse of this blog is thus to give the reader a better understanding of events that are not sufficiently or not at all covered in the media. Further should this blog give important background information. All this will be with verified information, comprehensible and neutral. It is meant to be for academic research and not for promoting any ideas that might be dealt with in my articles. But most important I will try to remain neutral in all my reporting. If you think I am not neutral at one point, please send me an E-Mail (address below).

About me

My name is Andreas Vogl, I am 23 and I am studying Oriental Studies and Political Science at Bamberg Univeristy in Germany.

If you have any questions or recommendation then I would be glad to hear from you: middleeastbackground@posteo.de


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